Facials: For The Beautiful You

A naturally healthy complexion is your best feature, or it could be. Healthy, well cared for skin tells the story of classic beauty, “fresh faced youth,” and sophisticated polish. It says that you know how to take care of yourself, and you’re worth it. However, the delicate skin of your face is exposed every day to damaging elements – sun, smoke, pollution – that can leave anyone’s skin less than perfect.

Over time your skin can begin to show signs of that exposure. Pimples, blotches, flakes, and wrinkles happen to everyone. Fortunately, there are ways to heal that damage, even prevent some of it, if you are willing to take a few simple steps to keep your skin healthy.

The first step is to make an appointment for a facial at our Studio City medispa by booking online now. We offer a wide range of facials — luxury experiences that will relax and pamper you — all while improving your skin tone and texture.

Regular Facials Slow the Aging Process

Frequent recurring treatments and exfoliation, proper hydration, and high quality facial products are key to healthy, youthful skin. Rejuvenate and smooth the surface of your skin, boost radiance, unclog pores. Remove the layers of dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin making your complexion look less than flawless. You will be amazed at how much even one facial will accomplish.

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The right facial treatment, customized for you by your facialist, will address your problem areas and leave your skin fresh and clear. You deserve the confidence that comes from knowing that while “beauty is only skin deep” your skin is beautiful too. Book an appointment online now .

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You Don’t Have to Feel Embarrassed by Stretch Marks

Oh, those stretch marks. They make you feel subconscious at the beach. They make you overthink your style choices. But they don’t have to.

Is there treatment for stretch marks? Yes. You may have heard of laser skin resurfacing. You may even be attracted to this method of surgery because of its effectiveness, but apprehensive due to the amount of pain that the procedure involves. After all, ablative skin resurfacing has laser beams that effectively use heat to peel away thin layers of skin.

There is an alternative method for laser skin resurfacing in Los Angeles.Non-ablative skin resurfacing is for people such as yourself. The outpatient service takes about twenty minutes to complete and does not cause nearly as much discomfort as traditional methods of laser surgery.

The non-ablative method heats up the cells beneath the skin, which encourages stimulation of collagen growth. Such maturation generates the natural process of healing, which in turn creates new tissues that cause stretch marks and other blemishes to disappear. Since the procedure is more natural than artificial, a non-ablative operation does not damage skin surrounding the target area.

Dr. Berkley Skin + Body has used the Palomar Icon non-ablative skin resurfacing system on countless patients who have been more than satisfied with their results.

Convenience is at the top of the list when it comes to benefits. You can spend your lunchtime with us and return to work after reaping the benefits of laser skin resurfacing Los Angeles. You’ll just need to set aside thirty minutes to an hour for the procedure. The expediency of the outpatient service, along with its comfort, is unbeatable.

Don’t let those stretch marks and blemishes keep you from enjoying the life that you deserve. Call us today or schedule an appointment online for non-ablative skin resurfacing in Los Angeles!

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Turn Back the Clock with our Anti-Aging Facial

They say time is the enemy of skin. That’s debatable, of course, but there is a certain undeniable kernel of truth. It’s a fact that our sagging facial skin is directly related to aging.

Now, we can’t force time to reverse itself, but we can take great care of our skin. And Dr. Berkley Skin + Body’s facials in Studio City can help with the latter.

Turn back the clock in a metaphorical sense with one of our anti-aging facial treatments.

Our lush and lavish Anti-Aging Facial is a relaxing multi-phase epicuren enzyme treatment, designed specifically to diminish fine wrinkles, help tighten skin, and leave your face glowingly radiant. The overall effect is a years-younger outward appearance, and a totally relaxed mind.

Or, take it one step further — opt for the non-surgical “Face Lift” Facial, and enjoy a lasting effect well after you leave our medspa. This treatment stimulates collagen, protein and enzyme formation, helping your own skin cells reactivate and rejuvenate mature skin. The result is younger-looking, more radiant skin right away, with a deeper, lasting improvement over time. And to complement and enhance this procedure, ask our professional staff about our prescription-only home skin rejuvenation system by Obagi.

Or, if you’re in a big hurry, we offer an Epicuren Quick Enzyme Fix. This is a swift microdermabrasion cream and peel treatment laden with enzymes to revitalize and reenergize your facial skin, bringing the most glowing effect in the least time.

We have a lot to offer your facial skin here at our Studio City medspa.Book an appointment online now and see how we can help you take off some of the effects of time!

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Treating Yourself for the Benefit of Others

Studies indicate that the better we feel about ourselves, the better we treat those around us.

Think about it. Being stressed out makes us snippy, irritable, and tired. Feeling good, on the other hand, makes us cheerful, patient, positive and energized.

One great way to feel better about ourselves is to take care of ourselves, and there is no better way to take care of ourselves than spending a relaxing day at our medspa in Los Angeles. Here are a few of the many benefits that come from taking a spa day to relax:

Self Confidence

Feeling good physically can really boost your confidence. We offer many treatments that can pamper your skin, your hair, and your whole body, making you feel more attractive and more energized. Feeling attractive gives you confidence to go out and conquer the world. Confidence also makes you feel more comfortable in social interactions, which leads to better friendships and relationships.

Stronger Family

Your family is what means the most to you, and feeling positive and patient can really help manage many of the daily family conflicts and challenges. Taking one day for yourself at a medspa can really reduce your overall stress and leads to better interactions with your family for a long time to come, making your relationships stronger and more stress free.

Calmer Mind

Taking care of yourself leads to a healthier body, and a calmer mind. At the end of the day, a calmer mind is key to better overall health.

It’s difficult to take time out to care for yourself but, just a little pampering can go a long way toward a healthier you and a happier life. Booking an appointment at our Los Angeles medspa is the first step toward a better way of living.

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Kids at Home for Summer Break? Time for a Massage!

Summer is here, and schools are starting to close up shop for the season. Kids can now spend their massive amounts of energy at home with their parents. And while this is fun, let’s face it — it’s also stressful.

Every parent loves their children more than anything, but summers at home mean less time to yourself, more running from place to place, and more headaches and muscle aches. For the days when there are big pains and you need to get away, a massage may just be the saving grace you need.

Nothing can melt away all of the pains and stresses like a professional massage. Many people think that professional massage is not worth the time, or that a massage provided by an amateur is just as good. There is a vast difference between amateur massage and a massage done by a trained professional with years of experience.

Professional talent and attentive care is what you can expect at Dr. Berkley Skin & Body. Our aim is to provide the best massage possible for those who need an escape from everyday life. With the many different massage options that we offer, you will be feeling refreshed and re-energized in no time.

The pains and stresses of the world and daily life can be very hard to handle. This is especially true for parents who have active kids home from school.

A massage truly is the best medicine. Relaxing the muscles can promote blood flow and work out knots or stressed tissues. This will help improve both your overall physical and mental states. If you need a massage in Studio City, CA, give us a call and schedule a meeting with one of our trained professionals. You’ll be glad you did!

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Botox vs. Belotero: Which One Is Right For You?

We see a lot of patients with questions about both Belotero and Botox. They’re not actually the same thing, though it’s easy to see how they both fall under a similar umbrella of solutions for reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. People have many different treatment options, and Botox and Belotero are two of them. We offer both Belotero and Botox injections here at our Los Angeles clinic.

Both of these treatments help to smooth out those “marionette” lines around the mouth, rings in the neck and laugh lines. So what’s the difference between them?


Belotero is a dermal filler—a substance placed under the skin to add volume.

With Belotero, the substance is a perfectly natural chemical called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a compound that our skin possesses naturally to help it keep its elasticity. However, as time goes on, a person’s store of hyaluronic acid begins to diminish, as does the youthful juiciness found in the skin. Belotero remedies this by using fine needles to return hyaluronic acid to the layers of the skin.

Belotero is made in a way that allows it to mesh with the structure of the patient’s skin. Because it is a flexible gel, it doesn’t interfere with normal facial expressions or the movement of the skin or muscles of the face. The area where the Belotero was injected feels perfectly natural without telltale lumps or bumps.


On the other hand, Botox is made out of a toxin that paralyzes the muscles beneath a wrinkle by interfering with the action of neurotransmitters like acetylcholine. When muscles are paralyzed after the injection, the wrinkles above them smooth out.

The results can last for results can last up to 3 months. We recommend each patient also come back regularly for touch-ups and maintenance sessions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation! Contact Dr. Berkley Skin + Body in Los Angeles today.

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Lucky for Lasers: High Tech Beauty and Skin Care with Real Results

Beauty and skin care have evolved significantly over the last few decades. With the advancement of laser technology and the exciting developments in the way skin responds to these unique and effective devices, women can expect amazing results.

Lasers are the modern way of looking younger, more radiant and healthier, because the science involved in these powerful rays of light can accomplish many things in brief amounts of time. Whatever the skin issue is, the new lasers can treat it.

Unwanted body hair can be gone quickly with laser hair removal in Los Angeles, CA. Dark spots, loose skin, scar tissue, stretch marks and wrinkles are no longer an issue. Zap, zap, zap.

Lasers are incredible skin care rejuvenators packed with incredible speed and power. A laser’s light can destroy the targeted pigment or tissue while sparing the skin around it.

Highly trained and specialized RNs or physicians are experts in the use of multiple laser machines, allowing the patient to feel relaxed in a friendly, private, beautiful setting. The Genesis laser is able to tighten the complexion, smooth texture and minimize pores, for example. The Titan laser stimulates collagen production, firms loose skin around the face, jawline and neck and addresses deep nasal labial lines. The Cutera YAG laser is also brilliant at removing hairs for even the darkest skin tones.

The new Palomar Icon skin resurfacing laser is one of the most potent devices for turning back the clock. You can expect to look 10 to 20 years younger with that healthy California radiance.

Lasers really do a face and body good.

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