The Power of Vitamin Therapy

Vitamins are a serious point of discussion in the health industry. They are naturally present in many foods, especially fruits and vegetables, but sometimes we just don’t get enough of them.

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The main issue is not necessarily the foods we eat. The main issue is that the human digestive system is not as efficient as we think. As we pull nutrition from food, most of it is lost during the process of digestion. About ten percent or less is gathered from ingesting natural foods.

The solution is vitamin therapy. Intravenous vitamin therapy is a safe injection of the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that our bodies demand to function daily. Instead of ten percent or less, the nutrient intake is one hundred percent. This is because the natural fuels for body maintenance are injected directly into the bloodstream.

This may seem like a drastic measure to help regain energy and health. However, you may be amazed by the difference of 10% and 100%. The amount of energy and vitality gained from one injection is amazing. If coffee or energy drinks don’t seem to cut it, you can get a better solution for not much more. As a healthier alternative, visiting our medspa in Los Angeles for vitamin therapy can provide energy that won’t fall off or leave you exhausted by the end of the day.

Beyond energy, the boosting injections can help detoxify the body and improve immune response. If a higher amount of healthy energy is important to you, then vitamin therapy is the ultimate solution for continued vigor and a clean internal engine.

Feel like a superhero and explore just how many negative reactions can be avoided by a healthy contribution of vitamins. Whether the treatment is for mental conflicts or internal physiological stressors, our vitamin therapy can impact positive change and growth.

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Semi-Permanent Eyelashes — More Effective!

Makeup is great, no one is denying that. Cosmetics have been used since the dawn of civilization. Nefertiti, the famous queen of ancient Egypt, used eyeliner to highlight her eyes. Thousands of years later, we still use many of the same methods to apply beauty products.

A newer invention, however, is the semi-permanent eyelash. Why change something that’s been around for millennia? Because it’s more effective. The real question is, why not?

lash eyes

The eyelash extension is used to augment the eye by making it look larger and more appealing. Large eyes undeniably attractive, after all.

Along with making the eye appear larger, extensions help distinguish the lashes, so when eyeliner is applied, the dark outer lines do not hide the distinct vertical lines of the lashes.

Occasionally, eyelashes will thin. If lashes are lost, growing back thick lashes can be a long struggle. In this case, getting eyelash extensions in Studio City or semi-permanent lashes can really help develop an attractive, enhanced look.

Finally — the greatest benefit of all may be no smudged makeup. Chunks of makeup for eyelashes can spread around, making a mess or coming off in wet conditions. With attached eyelashes, these issues just go away. (You can bet Nefertiti would have used semi-permanent eyelashes if they had been available!)

Enjoy all the beautiful benefits of big lashes without any of the trouble. Save time in the morning by reducing the makeup routine, and save time in the evening by not needing to clean it up. It is also cost efficient, because it is applied once and done. No dipping into the makeup jar every morning.

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