You Don’t Have to Feel Embarrassed by Stretch Marks

Oh, those stretch marks. They make you feel subconscious at the beach. They make you overthink your style choices. But they don’t have to.

Is there treatment for stretch marks? Yes. You may have heard of laser skin resurfacing. You may even be attracted to this method of surgery because of its effectiveness, but apprehensive due to the amount of pain that the procedure involves. After all, ablative skin resurfacing has laser beams that effectively use heat to peel away thin layers of skin.

There is an alternative method for laser skin resurfacing in Los Angeles.Non-ablative skin resurfacing is for people such as yourself. The outpatient service takes about twenty minutes to complete and does not cause nearly as much discomfort as traditional methods of laser surgery.

The non-ablative method heats up the cells beneath the skin, which encourages stimulation of collagen growth. Such maturation generates the natural process of healing, which in turn creates new tissues that cause stretch marks and other blemishes to disappear. Since the procedure is more natural than artificial, a non-ablative operation does not damage skin surrounding the target area.

Dr. Berkley Skin + Body has used the Palomar Icon non-ablative skin resurfacing system on countless patients who have been more than satisfied with their results.

Convenience is at the top of the list when it comes to benefits. You can spend your lunchtime with us and return to work after reaping the benefits of laser skin resurfacing Los Angeles. You’ll just need to set aside thirty minutes to an hour for the procedure. The expediency of the outpatient service, along with its comfort, is unbeatable.

Don’t let those stretch marks and blemishes keep you from enjoying the life that you deserve. Call us today or schedule an appointment online for non-ablative skin resurfacing in Los Angeles!

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